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A BlockBuster E-learning Package That Reveals To You The Secret Methodologies Used By The PROS On How To  EARN Six Figures On A Monthly Basis With Google Adsense.

What’s Inside

How To EARN 6 Figures Every Month With Google Adsense

How To Generate Organic Adsense Friendly Traffic

How To Submit Tax INFO For USA Google Adsense Account

How To Set Up High CPC Browser Cookies

How to Find High CPC Ads,And lot’s more…………

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Steps To Earning Six Figures With Your Google Adsense Campaigns Has Never Been Made So Simple & Easy To Put Into Practice, See My REASONS’s Below; 

12 Billion Dollars, 11.1 million Publishers Worldwide in over 15 years; if you are an Adsense publisher then these figures would make a lot of sense to you.

Till date, Google Adsense has paid Billions of Dollars to Publishers world wide, and they WILL still continue to pay more. Wouldn’t it be nice if we can all grab just a SLICE of this figure on our own? I bet the idea makes you salivate and LICK your LIPS in anticipation……


Several years back, maybe 6 or 7 when I first tried my hands on earning online, BLOGGING was my first port of call. I was fazed by stories of what I heard about the likes of Linda Ikeji and how she earned over $10k with Adsense every month from her Blog, without wasting much time I proceeded to set up my first BLOG, and also got an Adsense account to use on it. In my mind, I already started making PLANS on how to spend my IMAGINARY millions which were going to come from Adsense…..


Just like any other newbie, i was very eager and full of anticipation, motivated by screenshots and the show of affluence by successful Adsense Publishers, my journey into earning with adsense had just begun……

Slowly days turned to weeks, and weeks turned to months, one year later I was yet to reach withdrawal threshold, and I began to wonder if indeed the stories I heard were FACT or FICTION!!!. I eventually succeeded in reaching the magical sum of $100 required to enable me receive payment 1 year and 7 months after I started my adsense journey. However, disaster struck, and it left a very SOUR taste in my mind. A few days to PayDay, I received the heart breaking mail from arguably the most dreaded email address ever “Noreply@googleadsense”, my adsense account had been disabled for so called policy violations…..


The pain I felt for days left me heartbroken, and each time I thought of the things I could have used the money for, drops of TEARS welled up in my eyes. I resolved never to quit until I got my own share from the revenue paid to Adsense Publishers every month. It took me years of research, trial and errors and so many disabled accounts as well as frequent “Noreply@googleadsense” mails in my inbox. But I wasn’t deterred, my determination paid off and I was finally able to BREAK the JINX after discovering a “100% Fool Proof Working Method” with which I’ve used to bank 7 FIGURES repeatedly while my different PAYONEER Accounts continue to SMILE every month…..


Are you tired of receiving mails from this infamous address “Noreply@google adsense”? If your answer is yes, then I have the “ULTIMATE REMEDY” to put your endless Adsense HEARTBREAK to a STOP!!!


I know what it feels like to TOIL online with nothing to show for it month after month, and in some cases YEARS too. The thought of this convinced me into putting all I’ve learnt together to share my KNOWLEDGE and special STRATEGY which took me years to perfect with YOU. This is nothing like you’ve ever seen before, it is going to SWELL your BANK ACCOUNT beyond your wildest DREAMS…..


I call it “Adsense Path To Success”, and it’s what I’ve been using for over 5 years and counting. Well, of what use would my claims be if I have no PROOFs to back them up, Checkout the images below to see for yourself;



What You Will Learn From This COURSE

* How To EARN 6 Figures Every Month With Google Adsense

*How To Keep Your Accounts Safe

*How to add RANDOM post Button To A Blogspot BLOG

*How To Increase Your CPC(Even with A Nigerian IP Address)

* How To Generate Organic Adsense Friendly Traffic

* How To Submit Tax INFO For USA Google Adsense Account

*How To Set Up High CPC Browser Cookies

*How To Fix AD Serving Limit Placed On Your Adsense Account

*How to Find High CPC Ads

And lots more.



  • Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 + Activation Key.

  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019.

  • VideomakerFX Whiteboard Animation/Explainer Video Creation Software(With Offline Access) + Full Access To My VIP Templates.

  • VideoScribe Whiteboard Video Creation Software.

  • Listen & Write Text To Speech Conversion Software.

  • Easy Voice Text To Speech Conversion Software.

  • Grammarly Premium Account SetUp For Life(Limited Copies Available).

  • Traffic Exploder Premium Traffic Software.

  • Traffic Demon Unlimited Traffic Generation Software.

  • Over 100 Premium WordPress Themes & Plugins.

  • Unrestricted Access To My Secret Google Adsense Earning Group On Facebook.

  • Ebook On How To Create A Paypal Account That Can Send & Receive Funds In Nigeria.

  • Google Admob Earning Tutorial Handbook.

  • Mass Site Visitor Traffic Generation Software(This software even registers hits on Google Analytics).

  • Classified Ads Poster Bot(Helps You Post Your Ads In 50 Different Cities & Categories At A Go).

Requirements Needed To EARN With This COURSE

  • A Personal Computer , Preferably a Laptop

  • Basic Knowledge on How to Use a Computer

  • A Fast Internet Connection

  • My”Adsense Path To Success Course”

  • At least 2 hours of your time everyday

  • The ZEAL to learn and DESIRE to earn


Skyrocket sales and profits instantly with the proven Facebook Ads Techniques contained inside this E-book.

TrafficDemon is a highly effective traffic generation tool that will begin you an endless stream of visitors in just seconds!Watch your traffic stats skyrocket or maybe even start your own website traffic business selling traffic! The only limit is your imagination!

Mass Site Visitor (MSV) is designed to generate large amounts of traffic to websites of your choice through the list of proxies in a multi-threaded way. You can set referrers and user agents, which along with proxies will be randomly selected to create a browser session. One special feature which makes this traffic software amazing is that it even registers hits on Google Analytics.

See Demo Here: MSV Demo

VideoMakerFX is a really easy to use software which enables users to create animated videos based on a template of slides. It’s an excellent tool for producing promotional, demonstration or whiteboard videos.

VideomakerFX enables you to make epic videos.VideoMakerFX is especially designed to make video production as straightforward as possible. There’s absolutely no learning curve. You simply launch the software, select slides and audio files that you wish to use, and create the movie. It’s a drag and drop tool. You may move any element you’ve created to another location within the arrangement, or add new video component when you want.

VideoScribe is a user-friendly software tool for creating hand-drawn, animated explainer videos.  Pictures and text are drawn out in sequence on a virtual whiteboard for a uniquely engaging visual effect.  A host of other features which make it favored by businesses, educators and millions worldwide include;

  • Easy To Use: Select images, type text and add music or voiceover. VideoScribe does the rest.
  • Saves Time: Create captivating, memorable content in minutes, then publish and share.
  • Value For Money: Produce as many videos as you like, with the most cost-effective tool available.

Content is KING. The fact is that there are many types of contents you can think of and apply on to. But one still stands out since the early days of internet marketing and that is the copywriting content. Articles are still effective nowadays in getting the attention of your readers and excite your traffic to what your offer could do to solve their problems.

The thing though is that, if you want to have a high-converting copy and you are not good at writing your own, hiring someone who is an expert might be a good idea but they are not cheap.The good new is that inside this amazing product is a software that you can use to just fill the blanks with the necessary information that is relevant to your offers.

Easy To Use Brandable Software Creates XXL Strong And Random Passwords!

The strength of your password is one of your assets that you should care about. Assuming that you have lots of web account profiles, using the same password over and over again will compromise your account security.

The good news is that inside this product you are about to receive and experience the power of this amazing password generator that will give you peace of mind.

Make Animated Images in Less Than a Minute!

If you are digital marketer, chances are you may already had use graphics in promoting your products or services online. The thing is that, one of the best type of images that engage more viewers in social media is the images that are moving or simply an animated images in GIF format.

Now, it’s Time To Get CURRENT & Begin Informing Your Audience About Your New Product(s) In a More Interesting & Appealing Way, In Just A Few Seconds!

Discover How to Produce Profit-Pulling “Viral Article” Mini-Sites in Minutes! NO HTML KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED!

In the internet marketing world, content is king, and you can’t deny that fact. That’s why content producers are making out the best of their content to make it viral. The challenge though is that content creation is very time-consuming especially if you own lots of websites.

But the good news is that inside this product is a powerful software that will help you produce content ideas for your content creation procedure.


I know your time is valuable, so I’m just going to give you a quick description of this incredible program… This handy software allows you to spider any website and find a keyword phrase or URL. It returns a list of pages matching your search.

Provides a fast and easy method of locating all instances of a specific phrase within all the pages of a website.Search options allow you to establish how deep and how far the spider should go – maximum depth, current directory, entire site.

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To make this worth every penny SPENT, i’ve also decided to add some of my PREMIUM WORDPRESS THEMES & PLUGINS as EXCLUSIVE Bonuses Available Only To The First 50 Persons Who Purchase This COURSE. Checkout some of them below & their market value;

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  • Thrive Leads(Best List Builder Plugin For WordPress) (Worth $67)

  • Yoast SEO PREMIUM Version 12.1 (Latest Version)Worth $89

  • Divi Multipurpose WordPress Theme Latest Version. Worth $80

  • Origin Builder Complete Pack (Worth $1000)

  • Yoast Woocommerce SEO PREMIUM(Worth $47).

  • And Lot’s more…….



When will I get the Package after Making Payment?

You will be redirected to a Download Link immediately after payment(For Paystack Only). You will get it instantly. For Other Payment Options, kindly send a mail showing proof of Payment to Gaearninghub@gmail.com

How can I get Access To Support or Ask Questions?

You will have full access to the Membership group on Facebook where you can ask questions.

How Long will it take to Start Earning?

As soon as possible. Provided You Have All The Requirements Specified.

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It took me years of HARDWORK To Figure Out Everything Contained In This COURSE. At Some Point I Wasn’t Even SURE If SHARING My KNOWLEDGE Would Be IDEAL.

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Why You Need This COURSE

 When it comes to knowing the inner workings of The Adsense System, i can’t help but beat my CHEST , because i’m good at what i do. BRAGGING about how i do it is not my style, i prefer using VERIFIED proofs to do the talking;



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